Благодарственное письмо – Serpil Ataoguz

September 16, 2013 2:29 pm

For nearly one year, I was suffering intolerable pains due to a spinal operation; all my life cycle was affected: I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand on my feet more than 5 minutes, I couldn’t even get out of the house. I was thinking that this would end never and that I will never walk again smoothly.

But, fortunately, my son in law suggested me to see Prof. Gipstein whom he knows as a perfect orthopedist. Prof. Gipstein decided to realize a second operation. I had hope but in the same time wondering if it will work. It took one and a half hour. When I opened my eyes, I felt that my pain was no longer with me; it was very strange because I had forgotten how was to be painless. Even it was a very difficult operation (because during the op, it was constated that the first one was fully wrong done) Prof. Gipstein did everything go well.
For the medical center service, I have to underline that everyone was very helpful and welcoming. I was lying in bed all alone, in a foreign country, having had a difficult operation.. But every staff was very kind, never let me alone, checking me all the time, bringing me evrything that I need.
I must also cite here Ms. Ella’s helps with her warm welcoming and endless sympathy. Even when I returned back to my country, Ms. Ella’s and Prof. Gipstein’s efforts continued by checking my health conditions by email. Now I am very well and thank everyday Prof. Gipstein and his team and the staff of Ramat Aviv Medical Center.

Serpil Ataoguz – Turkey